Katharine Hepburn

Print and Patterners, today we continue reviewing some of the biggest legends in cinema and their relation with fashion. Icons in the film world there are many but only a few of them have crossed the border from film to fashion. Only a few actresses are chosen. Her beauty, her style, her films etc have become classics and out of the screen. Designers and fashion brands copy their styles to satiety. Katharine Hepburn is one of the best actresses of all time, winning four Oscars, a record of most wins in female characters, and always true to her masculine style.

In Fact according list of the American Film Institute (AFI), Hepburn is considered the first most important female star of the first hundred years of American cinema. In front of Bette Davis (Nº 2), Audrey Hepburn (Nº 3), Ingrid Bergman (Nº 4) and Greta Garbo (Nº 5).

Katharine Hepburn, actress beautiful and serene factions and with great personality always opted for a casual and masculine style. The trouser suits, shirts and coats were always present in his closet. Katharine is one of the few actresses who wore pants at the time. Her style remained casual, discreet  and elegant.

She always looked with a refined, minimalist style that still is worn today, and that we see continuously on the catwalk. Her masculine looks marked the world of film and fashion.

7 thoughts on “Katharine Hepburn

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  3. Beautiful photos of the unmatched in any way, wonderful Katharine Hepburn!
    For the record, and I feel I have said and written this a million times, she was not related in any way to Audrey Hepburn. Interesting that someone who rather rudely writes here that he “prefers her cousin Audrey” does not know enough about either lady to know they shared two things only – the same last name and wonderful careers in film.

    I loved what Kath said in a film she did about herself, she mentioned that many men would say “I think women should wear skirts!”, and she said “Well, tell them to try a skirt, they will see why I wear pants” 🙂 She was unique and seemed absolutely fearless to me. My daughter is named for Katharine Hepburn and has done such justice to the name. I am very proud of her.

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