Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Wallpaper 02

I’m a huge fan of classic films, I love the great dramas, epic stories, the setting, the music … but above all I love their stars, because although the today’s actresses do try, there’s no one like the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. One of my favorite icons of the era, both for her work on the big screen, for her flamboyant personal life and her particular style is undoubtedly; Elizabeth Taylor. Today we take a look at the style of one of the greatest beauties that Hollywood has had.


With her meager 157 centimeters tall, Elizabeth Taylor (Liz for friends) did not go unnoticed, her distinctive violet eyes, her foreign style, unknown to all brands and designers (until… Christian Dior), her sex appeal and her strong personality made her one of the greatest movie icons of all time.

Elizabeth-Taylor-Wallpaper-Photos-Pictures-Images-21 They say that when Richard Burton met her on the set of Cleopatra, he could not stand her: “She doesn’t move in front of the camera! She does nothing!” He kept saying to director Joseph L. Mankiewicz.  Richard who later was the greatest love of Taylor’s life. The film’s director was forced to see a scene where she just had to be within a jacuzzi and say a few sentences,  Richard Burton was impressed … “With those eyes, do not need to do anything else,” Mankiewicz said.


The style of the enigmatic actress became her mark and would be imitated throughout the years: Liz Taylor knew how to accentuate her beauty; beak-shaped necklines to highlight her silhouette, very tight waists, pants and skirts and tight neck almost always in sight to show off her prized jewels collected over the years until the day she died.


Perhaps because Liz & Rick (the Brangelina of the time) began their romance at this time and the expectation to see the couple was highest graphic documents have many of them in every situation: sunbathing on yacht, walking around Rome or going to dinner with some of major European monarchy …

Suddenly Last Summer

Elizabeth Taylor’s style had an impact, was considered ahead of its time: caught on the long robes that first used during the filming of Cleopatra, was at this time that she was influenced by the Italian style, the English actress was left into the spirit of the Dolce Vitta during her time in Rome in the hands of Richard Burton, often trying to emulate the look of young Sicilian mamma. Later, Elizabeth bet on the New Age and hippie aesthetic.



Elizabeth Taylor was in love with furs, it was common to see her in a total  leopard look: coat, gloves and hat included, something that would get on my nerves today a lot of celebrities who campaign against animal skin … But Liz was great. Winner of 3 Academy awards for best actress, left this world that March 23rd, 2011. When she was 79. An Icon that will be remembered.

Elizabeth_Taylor-1954 Elizabeth_Taylor.63153727_large Elizabeth Taylor Wallpaper 06 Elizabeth-Taylor-elizabeth-taylor-30183289-936-1200 Elizabeth-Taylor-Oscar_CLAIMA20110323_0110_20 lizpiel-1 Suddenly Last Summer tumblr_m96mgwJtoG1r4wqu6o1_500


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